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Neil Somerville

Train Lover’s Puzzle Book

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All aboard the puzzle train!

This book is fully loaded with 200 railway-themed puzzles, perfect for aficionados as well as inquisitive commuters.

More than just a means of transport, trains have changed the world. Across centuries and continents, they've been unstoppable. But when you re sitting back in your seat on a long rail journey, why not pause for a puzzle or two?

From quick quizzes and riddles to more leisurely crosswords and sudoku, whether you re a locomotive obsessive or just enjoy the occasional trip, there's plenty in these pages to fire up your mental furnace and keep you going full steam ahead to the end of the line.

Inside you will find a rich variety of puzzles, including these:

  • Find the names of world-famous locomotives within word searches
  • Shuffle the letters of anagrams to identify essential railway paraphernalia
  • Guess the meaning of some technical train-related terms
  • Figure out what happened during strange-but-true incidents from railway history


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