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Gecko Keck

Step By Step Manga

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Learn all the tricks to make your manga characters come alive!

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of manga artistry with Step-by-Step Manga, an essential guide by celebrated German illustrator and artist, Gecko Keck.

Perfect for both beginners and seasoned artists, this comprehensive volume unveils the intricacies of drawing in the Shojo, Chibi, Bishie and Shonen styles, and provides a wealth of knowledge for mastering the art of manga.

Gecko Keck explains the fundamental techniques required to bring manga characters to life on the page, beginning with an exploration of the essential tools and materials and moving on to a useful reference of drawing techniques such as shading and achieving texture.

The anatomy of manga characters is then explored meticulously, stage by detailed stage, from the complexities of facial features for each of the different manga styles to the depiction of hands and feet, which are a challenge for many artists. Keck unveils his secrets for conveying emotions and dynamics, as well as adding depth to characters through hairstyles and fashion choices - right through to mystical or fantastical details such as animal ears - and even tails! All of these components combine to help aspiring graphic novelists infuse their characters with authenticity.

Through the application of colour, whether by hand or digital, readers discover how to create the world around their characters; the addition of backgrounds and graphic effects are shown to enrich the visual narrative.

The final stretch of the book is a celebration of creativity as the reader is invited to put all their skills into practice to plan out a graphic novel of their own and apply a storyline that gives characters the chance to thrive - and the artist the chance to become a true mangaka!

Newcomers to manga will appreciate the accessible approach, while experienced artists will discover fresh perspectives and refined techniques.

Step-by-Step Manga is a comprehensive course that equips readers with the tools, techniques and inspiration to excel in the world of manga illustration.


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