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James Rickards

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Economic forecaster James Rickards returns with a new book investigating the urgent problem of global supply chain disruption - how it came about, why it will persist and what consumers can do to lighten the burden of limited choice.

Empty shelves, petrol station queues and energy shortages- crises more familiar to those who lived through the 1960s and 1970s have now become a reality for many as global shipping times are squeezed, containers lie unopened at docks and supply shortages push up inflation, increasing the cost of consumer goods from milk to cars to building materials.

In Sold Out!, James Rickards explains why the shelves are empty, who broke the supply chain and why shortages will persist. He breaks down the history and structure of business around the world to offer readers a behind-the-scenes look at what's really going on, and what they can do to mitigate the worst of what's to come.

Drawing on his financial expertise, he explains that consumers and investors need to be nimble to come through this unprecedented turn of events in good shape. Luckily, Rickards is on hand to provide the tools readers need to look ahead, monitor key trends and insulate against risks.


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