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David Sang

Science Museum Physics 100 Ideas

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Get to grips with the essential topics in physics today through 100 key ideas, each one explained clearly in 100 words. Physics- 100 Ideas in 100 Words offers the essential facts at your fingertips, satisfying your scientific curiosity and helping you to understand the biggest concepts in physics in concise, 100-word summaries.

 One of the first titles in a cutting-edge new series created in partnership with The Science Museum, this book introduces 100 key areas of physics - such as gravitational fields, momentum, general relativity and quantum uncertainty - and explains each topic in just 100 words. Perfect for getting your head around big ideas clearly and quickly, or refreshing your memory of the fundamentals of physics, this book covers the most up-to-date terms and theories and inspires a heightened level of understanding and enjoyment to the core areas of physics explored in The Science Museum.


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