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Luke Herriott

Ransom Note Sticker Book

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A sticker book with thousands of individual letters that can be turned into uniquely idiosyncratic messages or decorations of all kinds.

Everyone loves the cool graphic look of the classic ransom note, and letters cut from newspapers make any message a little playful.

Now The Ransom Note Sticker Book makes it easy to spell out anything you like and capture that unique look.

Thousands of stickers - A to Z, plus accents, numerals, and punctuation - in a host of fonts and typefaces are ready for your messages.

You can use them to add colour to your journals, you can name your stuff, or you can give a valentine's card a mysterious anonymous touch... Stationery, wrapping paper, and collages will all benefit from these alphabets, and they make the perfect gift for the crafter, journal-keeper or scrap-booker.

Grungy, vintage letterpress vibe, the letters irresistibly recall the age of print newspapers - and the collection includes type ornaments, woodblock illustrations and a range of accents for elegant, multilingual ransom notes.

Author Biography: Graphic designer, art director, award-winner, and author Luke Herriott has created many books for graphic designers and digital artists. The Ransom Note Sticker Book is his first sticker book.


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