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[PREORDER] TOKYO Edition - Postcard Insert

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Whenever you see your home town on television or featured in a movie, you may feel as if you are visiting it for the first time.

When familiar places are spotlighted through the perspective of a camera, the usual scenery takes on a fresh glow, making you feel as if you have visited the places as a traveler.

Even walking through the same town, a traveler and a person who lives there may have different views. When local residents imagine the perspectives of travelers and travelers imagine the perspectives of local residents, the depth of the town’s scenery becomes deeper.

The TRAVELER’S notebook “TOKYO EDITION” and its customised items are designed with a focus on Tokyo, where TRAVELER’S COMPANY is based.

Walk through the downtown area dotted with sumo stables, take a bath at bathhouses called “sento” when you get tired, and drink a glass of “chuhai” (a Japanese liquor with soda) at an “izakaya” (a Japanese pub). Cross the river where houseboats float and you will be greeted by a temple with a history of over 1,000 years. If you get off at a station on the Yamanote line or subway, you will see a cityscape of skyscrapers, a scramble crossing filled with people, and the iconic tower rising like the symbol of the city. Enjoy delicacies such as sushi, ramen, “anmitsu” (a kind of Japanese dessert), “cream soda” (melon soda float), and “taiyaki” (a fish-shaped cake with filling inside). They are all part of Tokyo’s everyday life – at the same time, they are Tokyo’s sights and specialties that appeal to travelers as well.

We hope that by holding TRAVELER’S notebook “TOKYO EDITION” in your hands, you can enjoy Tokyo with the nuance as if you were living here while maintaining the fresh perspective of a traveler. Perhaps the next TRAVELER’S notebook may appear in your town.

TRAVELER’S notebook TOKYO EDITION now available to pre-order. We can't guarantee a dispatch date at this stage, but we expect to receive stock into Greytown in August and hope our fast, overnight courier will have it into your hands before the end of the month.

All the pages in this refill can be used as postcards by tearing off at the perforation.

The paper is made of Watercolor paper, which is thick and ideal for watercolor-type mediums.

You can draw the scenery you encountered in your travels around Tokyo, put a stamp on it, or write your memories on it and send it to others.

Cut-out postcards can be sent as standard postcards with stamps attached.

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