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Lucy Burton

Postal Bakes

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Imagine having the absolute day from hell, then coming home and discovering a beautiful package on your doormat, filled with delicious home-made treats - there's no way your day wouldn't be better.

In Postal Bakes, Leith's-trained chef Lucy Burton shares over 40 easy yet decadent recipes, all made to be sent through the post, and small enough to come through your letterbox if you're not home. Lucy will debunk the myth that modern, stylish baking needs to be complicated - this book will use just one tray and simple, accessible ingredients to guide you towards delicious desserts. Best of all, Lucy shares guidance on how to pack the cakes, to make sure they look beautiful and arrive in one piece. Featuring PBJ, Salted Caramel and Mulled Wine Christmas Brownies; Pistachio Praline and Matcha Blondies; sharing cookie slabs, sponge cakes and more, there is something to please even the most discerning sweet tooth.

The best thing about these cakes is that you can send them across the country, to loved ones you may not be able to hug in person. So, whether it's a birthday, get-well-soon, new home or 'just because', make someone's day by posting them a tasty cake, whipped up by you.


- Why traybake, and how to do it well (Ingredients, equipment, mis en place)
- How to post a traybake (Packaging, shelf life, posting)
- Bars
- Brownies, blondies and everything in between
- Cakes
- Sponge-based postal bakes
- Cookies and confectionery
- Get ahead store cupboard staples
- Caramels, curds and compotes 

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