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Jackie Kearney

Plant-Based Burgers

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Vegan fast-food is here to stay and never tasted so good with these stunningly inventive recipes for plant-based burgers, dogs, subs, wings and much more!  

While traditional butchers might be disappearing from the high street, there’s a new breed ready to slice a different kind of meat – made from plants! So-called ‘vegetarian butchers’ are creating food that mimics meat and offering convincing substitutes that look, feel and even taste like the real thing. 

Mock meat, of course, is nothing new. Burger patties made from soy-based protein and wheat gluten have been around since the 1960s but now vegetables, nuts, pulses and grains are in on the act and taking vegan substitutes for all our fast food favourites to a whole new level! But why buy over-processed and over-packaged meat-free products from supermarkets when you can make healthier, cheaper and equally delicious meat-free fast fixes at home? Prepare to be wowed by recipes for Easiest Vegan Burger Recipe Ever with Beet Ketchup, Hell Yeah Chilli Dogs, Baby Got No Beef Burrito, KFC-style Chkn Burger and even Tofish & Chips.


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