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Pencil Extender

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Enjoy your favourite Blackwings a bit longer with a Blackwing Pencil Extender.

Admittedly, when I first saw this I filed it under “Pencil Accesssories I Don’t Need”. But when I actually tried one, I realised it’s far from the novelty item I assumed it to be.

I can’t stand the feeling of a too-short pencil. Once it gets to the point (pun intended) when I can’t comfortably support it with my index finger, it has to go. But that means about a third of the pencil is wasted and, with the rising price of Blackwings, that’s money wasted too. Every time I give up on that last third, I’m kissing at least $2 worth of quality graphite goodbye.

These pencil extenders have a nice weight to them, making them very comfortable to write. Blackwing suggest you keep the eraser clip in, and you may need to do this over time, but you can save your skin from irritation if you remove it. I've found the extender still stays comfortably and securely in place without it.

If you find yourself discarding pencils before their time, I would highly recommend adding a pencil extender to your collection.

  • Works with all Blackwing models
  • Machined aluminum
  • Features a firm rubber tip to ensure a snug fit


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