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ForestChoice is good for the artist, the writer, and the environment.

The ForestChoice brand of environmentally friendly writing products features what was the world’s first Forest Stewardship Council-certified pencil.

In 1999, Cal Cedar (the makers of Blackwing) introduced the ForestChoice pencil as a high-qualiy, FSC-certified alternative to the standard number-2 (HB equivalent) pencils on the market. FSC certification means that all of the wood used during the creation of ForestChoice pencils is sourced from well-managed forests operating under the most stringent practices for environmental responsibility, social benefit and long-term economic viability.

Every ForestChoice pencil is made out of FSC-certified genuine California Incense-cedar, allowing for exceptional sharpening performance and a beautiful natural finish. ForestChoice pencils also feature graphite cores that create smooth, solid lines and resist breakage. Since their inception, ForestChoice pencils have continued to be one of the most ecologically sound implements of expression on the market.


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