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Keri Bloomfield

Nothing Like a Dane

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Humorous and heartfelt, Nothing Like a Dane is a memoir of a New Zealander living her best life in Denmark. The Danish concept of hygge is a wonderful thing. Even if most fail miserably when they try to pronounce or explain its true essence. Unless you’re a Viking of course. As Keri stood in the departure lounge of Auckland International Airport with her four-month-old baby, searching for her flight on the board, hygge wasn’t on her radar. But she’d never imagined a chance encounter with a Dane in a crowded bar in her home city of Wellington would lead her here, a mother, about to circle the globe, with no knowledge of when she'd return home.

A witty observer of cultural nuances, Keri reveals the day-to- day realities of a New Zealander living her best life in Denmark. From integration interrogations to rye bread misdemeanours, Nothing Like a Dane provides a humorous and heartfelt insight into creating a new life in a faraway land. And what did she learn? That it’s not all hygge and pastries. Even in Denmark.


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