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Greytown Free Range Sock Monkey Company

Monkey - Linton Clover

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Handmade sock monkeys made right here in Greytown.

The Greytown Free Range Monkey Company is a one-woman sewing factory staffed by Mrs Blackwell herself.

When she's not devouring a new book, running a software company, or saving trees, she's sewing artisan sock monkeys to help fund community projects in Greytown. Founded in 2002, Greytown Free Range Monkey Company is Millie's way of satisfy her creative side and since 2020 she been using monkeys as a way to give back to the community.

Each monkey is hand-sewn from new materials, and no two are the same. They come in a variety of colours and patterns to brighten up any space.

Sock monkeys make perfect gifts for children and anyone who is young-at-heart. They’re easy to care for; they just need lots of cuddles and the occasional bath if they venture into any sticky situations.

100% of the proceeds from these monkeys go towards community projects right here in Greytown. That’s every single penny (except postage costs and GST). 

Millie is particularly fond of funding projects relating to the environment, community beautification, reading, books, and the arts (I do own a bookshop after all).

Find out more about how monkey money has been put to use in our community:

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