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Jedidiah Jenkins

Like Streams to the Ocean

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The New York Times bestselling author of To Shake the Sleeping Self delivers a moving reflection on the 8 elements we must navigate to live an authentic life.

A soul-searching meditation on the foundations that shape us, Like Streams to the Ocean is an essential guide for the crossroads of life.

In the busyness of the day-to-day, we rarely have time to think clearly about the questions that matter most- Who am I? What makes me, me? What do I stand for?

With the passion and clarity that made his debut, To Shake the Sleeping Self, a New York Times bestseller Jedidiah Jenkins explores the eight signposts we all face as we find our way in life- ego, family, home, friendship, love, work, death and the soul.

In this soothing work, Jenkins reveals how we can find fulfilment in the people and places around us and discover the courage to show our deepest selves to the world.


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