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Dr Therese Huston

Let's Talk

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Critical feedback, delivered frequently and expertly, can be a game changer - it can turn average performers into the hardest workers and stars into superstars.

But fear of hurt feelings and awkward conversations often lead managers to hold back from offering crucial insights. According to recent studies, 44% of managers dread giving feedback, while 65% of employees wish their managers gave more.

In Let's Talk, Dr Therese Huston shows how to deliver feedback effectively and with confidence. Starting with the best ways to approach the evaluation process, Huston explains the importance of siding with the other person, stating your good intentions and working out what kind of critique your employees want most - do they want to be appreciated, coached or evaluated? Huston then delves into the six practical tools you need to deliver impactful feedback, including how to take steps to ensure unconscious bias doesn't leak into your appraisal.

Above all, Dr Huston offers a step-by-step plan to prove that productive, collaborative assessments are straightforward and not, as they sometimes seem, a Jedi mind trick. This handbook offers the tools to help anyone, from executives to teachers to coaches, to improve performance, trust and morale and make a once-dreaded task feel natural.


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