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Sam Mossman

Kiwi Fishing Knot Book

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A handy waterproof quick reference guide to 15 fishing knots.

The spiral bound pocket-sized guide has explanations of when to use each knot and step-by-step diagrams of how to tie them. Included are the Bimini Twist, Yukatan and Lefties Loops with application to soft bait fishing and the other knots cover virtually every other style of rig and fishing application.


  1. Improved Clinch
  2. Uni Knot
  3. Snood
  4. Cats Paw
  5. Figure Eight Loop
  6. Spider Hitch
  7. Bimini Twist
  8. Flemish Eye/Figure Eight
  9. Dropper Loop
  10. Yukatan
  11. Lefties Loop
  12. Blood Knot
  13. Double Uni Knot
  14. Surgeon's Knot
  15. Albright Knot.

Author Biography: Sam Mossman is the author of Snapper published in 2008 by AUT Media and Bateman titles Saltwater Fly Fishing and Serious About Gamefishing. He works as special projects editor at New Zealand Fishing News based in Auckland.

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