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JR Fountain Pen Nibs

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One of the joys of loving fountain pens is that there are so many choices when it comes to colour, shape and size. One of the challenges of being a fountain pen enthusiast is that are so many choices when it comes to colour, shape and size!

So many options and only so many words and pages to write! But owning a range of nib sizes can add a lot of variety without the bigger costs of another fountain pen.

Most pen aficionados will tell you that it took some time to discover the nib that made their penmanship sing. For many, nib size is determined by how their handwriting looks on the page and for others it is how the width of the nib feels when they write.

When you buy an Esterbrook pen from us you have the option of changing out the standard Medium nib for another size, at no cost. Just let us know in the notes for your order which nib size you'd like instead. Or you can buy these nibs individually so you have more creative options from your pen.

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