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Paul Mendelson

Joy Of Bridge

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A compendium of the key elements of bidding, declarer play and defence, amusing hands and bridge stories, written for the social bridge player, but with much for more experienced players too.

 A compendium of tips, techniques and examples designed to brush up your knowledge on the key areas of your game, so that, wherever you play kitchen, local group or club you will be more likely to succeed. Eschewing most conventions, everyday bidding problems are solved logically and clearly, declarer play techniques, from the ubiquitous 3NT to tricky little part-scores, are broken down into the crucial areas for consideration, and defensive decisions are made easier by knowing exactly the target for which you are striving.

For forty years, Paul has lectured live and online and, along with his easy-to-follow guidance, The Joy of Bridge shares a selection of his infamously entertaining stories and hands. Paul's aim is always to encourage bridge players, at any level, to stop trying to remember what to do, but simply to think instead so that solutions to problems become readily apparent and play becomes easier. 


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