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Ron Asher

Jaws of the Dragon

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China Inc., the business arm of China's repressive dictatorship, is trying to take over the world by grabbing key sectors of various countries' economies as part of its strategic plan for global control of the world's resources.

Its economic methods of domination are backed by its traditional bullying and intimidation, such as its rapid and unnecessary arms build-up, aggression against its neighbours in the South China Sea and its penetration into other oceans and continents in which it has no legitimate purpose or presence.

China chose New Zealand as the first Western country with which to have a Free Trade Agreement, which is more about colonising and dominating New Zealand's economy than about free trade. The same thing happened in Australia with its Free Trade agreement with China in 2016. The governments of both countries have bent over backwards to accommodate the interests of China Inc. - often at the expense of the prospects and interests of ordinary Australians and New Zealanders.

The donations to political parties by Chinese business interests, often acting on behalf of China's government, and the post-retirement financial rewards by Chinese companies to politicians who oblige China during their term of office are corrupting our democracy and public life.

Unlike other foreign investors, the companies from mainland China have a strategic goal not of buying our produce on the open market but of owning the whole supply chain from farm gate Down Under to the supermarket shelf in China, cutting Australians and New Zealanders out of the benefits that accrue from adding value to a product.

This book should be read by every Australian and New Zealander since China's activities affect the future prospects of our two countries in respect of economic welfare, sovereignty and even democracy itself. It is a case of getting a grip on the situation now or sleepwalking to a situation where we will finish up as lowly paid serfs in the lands that were built by the sweat and toil of the pioneers.


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