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Internet Password Journal (Red Leatherette)

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This Internet Password Journal is a timely and valuable resource in the age of the hacker. This essential notebook maintains your personal and financial safety. Record the necessarily complex passwords and user login names required to thwart hackers.

This time- and headache-saving logbook has numerous, tabbed alphabetical pages to make looking up a website address-and its corresponding login(s) and password(s)-easy to manage. And it conveniently fits within a purse or briefcase, if you need to take it with you.

Each entry has multiple locations to note new/changing logins or passwords, some notes about creating user names and passwords, Internet safety tips, locations to record software and hardware license numbers, home and business network settings, and more.For the ultimate in online safety, follow these tips:

  • Dont use dictionary words.
  • Never use the same password twice.
  • The longer your password, the longer it will take to crack.
  • Just "jam" on your keyboard to create an entirely random password.
  • Store your password off the computer.

With this book, create and keep unique and difficult passwords and login names with ease!


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