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Kirsten Day

In A Jam

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In A Jam brings you easy-to-make, scrumptious recipes for jams, marmalades, curds, jellies and cordials, so that you can savour the tastes of summer all year round. With our abundance of fruit trees, the ingredients are either on your doorstep, or only a friend or forage away.

Preserving the flavour of the season in small, manageable batches makes the recipes in In A Jam achievable for everyone. They will add a sparkle to the simplest meal, and also make wonderful gifts.  A delicious and cost-effective way to add flavour to not only your toast and your baking, they can even enhance savoury dishes. A selection of companion pieces will inspire you to make the most of your preserves. 

Packed full of hints, tips and ways to use your preserves, this will be a fabulous addition to anyone's cooking collection.


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