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Jean Mansfield

How To Make Cheese

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50 artisan cheeses: Step-by-step.

Learn the secrets to successful cheesemaking with this step-by-step guide from an experienced cheesemaker, teacher and judge. Jean Mansfield spends her life carefully guiding complete beginners to cheesemaking through the little tips and tricks that lead to great cheeses every time.

This book covers what every would-be cheesemaker needs to know to create their own masterpiece cheeses. There's how to get started if you're on a budget, DIY equipment options that are easy to make and inexpensive, plus detailed descriptions of the processes so you can learn how to make cheese successfully, and - if the worst happens - why it probably went wrong. Plus there's 50 recipes for artisan cheeses, from the very easy - all you need is store-bought creamy milk, a lemon and salt - mozzarella and halloumi in 30 minutes, butter and yoghurt-making, right through to the more spectacular aged cheeses like parmesan, cheddar, blues, and amazing washed rind stinkers.

Lots of people are put off by what seems to be an expensive and complex hobby, when it can be cheap and simple if you have the right teacher.


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