David Ebenbach

How to Mars

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Six lucky scientists are selected by the Destination Mars! corporation. It's a one-way ticket to Mars—in exchange for a lifetime of research— and its an absolute no-brainer. This incredible opportunity is clearly worth even the most absurdly tedious screening process. Perhaps, it is even worth following the strange protocols in a nonsensical handbook written by an eccentric billionaire. After all he is funding your 'Life time opportunity'. Its possibly even worth their constant surveillance, disregarding the fact that the video is carefully edited into a ratings-bonanza back on Earth.

But it turns out that after a while even scientists can get bored of science. Tempers begin to fray and of course unsanctioned affairs blossom. When perfectly good equipment begins to fail, the Marsonauts are faced with a possibility that their training just cannot explain.

Irreverent, poignant, and perfectly weird, David Ebenbach’s debut science-fiction outing, like a mission to Mars, is an incredible trip you will never forget.


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