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Amanda Milne, Julia Schiller and Brad Thompson

Granny Wars

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Granny Wars: A Game of Tit for Tat is a fast-playing card game of secret identities.

At the beginning of Granny Wars: A Game of Tit for Tat, you receive a secret loyalty card matching one of the Granny cards on the table, and you are dealt ten cards which range from -5 to +5 points. The deck also includes Gold cards, which grant a special Granny power (like “Nana Nap”) in addition to points. Players take turns adding cards to the Grannies, and the “Tit for Tat” mechanism allows a player to “bounce” an equal and opposite card from one pile to another, e.g., playing a +3 on a -3 lets you move the -3 to another pile of your choice.

After everyone has exhausted his cards, players reveal which Granny they supported and sum the points in her pile of cards.

The game can be played by 2 players, with a small modification to the rules.

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