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Ed Miliband

Go Big

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Twenty transformative solutions to fix our world, inspired by the Reasons to be Cheerful podcast.

Think of any problem that we face and there is already a solution out there. We just need to know where to look – and have the courage to think big.

All around the world, people are successfully putting into action ingenious ways to tackle everything from inequality and climate crisis to the challenges of housing, technology and demographic change.

In his award-winning podcast Reasons to Be Cheerful, Ed Miliband has captured the imagination of millions by investigating how these schemes came about and why they work. In Go Big, he shows that a different world is entirely possible and how to get there by combining the best and most ambitious of these solutions – on a large scale.

We stand at one of those rare moments in history when people everywhere want big change. The opportunity is immense if we can come together, and it is the solutions that will unite us. It’s time to Go Big.


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