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Generals Cedar Point

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This pencil was Mrs Blackwell's introduction to premium graphite and sent her down a rabbit hole from which she has never fully emerged. 
An untreated Incense Cedar pencil with a black imprint, ferrule and eraser. This pencil is exceptionally comfortable to hold and write with. A #2 / HB core that is just on the soft side without being smudgy. It doesn't have the very best point retention - which for us, doesn't detract from it's charm - but if you're settling in for a long writing or drawing session make sure you have your sharpening tool near by.
Generals Pencil Company is based in Jersey City, New York with history as far back as 1860, but still a family owned business and one of the USA's last remaining pencil factories.  
These pencils are supplied machine sharpened from the factory so you can start writing straight away.
Made in USA.
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