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Felicity Hart

Gardening Puzzle Book

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Time to down your trowel and pick up a pencil!

This bountiful crop of 200 gardening-themed puzzles has something for anyone with green fingers and a love of a good brain-teaser Gardeners are a naturally smart species. But you don't need to be an expert to enjoy this book. When your hands deserve a rest after you've been out toiling in the garden, or when the weather has you cooped up inside, how about a puzzle or two to cultivate the mind?

From quick quizzes and riddles to more leisurely crosswords and sudoku, whether you're a gardening obsessive or just enjoy pottering around your plot, there's plenty in these pages to tickle your fancy and keep your brain as sharp as a thorn and as strong as an oak. Inside you will find a rich variety of puzzles, including these:

  • Find the flowers, fruit and veg hiding within word searches
  • Spot the differences between various idyllic views of a garden
  • Shuffle the letters of anagrams to locate your trusty tools
  • Wind your way through a series of intricate hedge mazes


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