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Eric Veille

Encyclopedia of Grannies

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A funny and eye-catching picture book, celebrating grannies of all shapes and sizes, and what makes them tick.

Why do grandmas tell us to speak slowly? Why do grandmas wear their hair up? Are grandmas flexible? How do you cheer up a grandma? And why do they always have creases on their faces?

Children have lots of questions about grannies and Eric Veille sets out to answer them all with humour and charm in this contemporary picture book for the extended family - how they wear their hair, how they do yoga, how they travel the world, their wise sayings, their knitting.

Each page is dedicated to a quirky topic and combines to make a highly original encyclopedia for children; from buses - no one knows where grannies go - to the contents of a granny's bed - sighs, regrets and sometimes a grandpa.

Illustrated with funny comic-style pictures, this is a contemporary gift book full of word play, for the entire family to enjoy. With witty and bright graphic illustrations, this encyclopedia challenges the cliches and celebrates the grannies in our lives - no matter what kind of grandma, abuela, nana or nonna you have, you are or would like to be.

Inside every granny, there's a small house, and in that house is that same granny when she was a little girl.

That's where she still lives.

A chic gift book that will appeal to all ages. Fantastic to give to grandparents, new grandmothers, for Mother's Day, or as a celebratory gift for the entire family.

Translated from French by Daniel Hahn.


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