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Susanne Foitzik, Olaf Fritsche

Empire of Ants

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Since the age of the dinosaurs ants have been walking the Earth and now today there are one million ants for each individual human.

Ants share a remarkable lot with us to all intent and purpose : they build megacities, grow crops, raise livestock, tend their young and infirm, and even make vaccines. Like humans they have a darker side: they wage war, enslave rivals and rebel against their oppressors. These little creatures form fearsome army ants, who stage twelve-hour hunting raids where they devour thousands, to gentle leaf-cutters gardening in their peaceful underground kingdoms, every ant is engineered by nature to fulfil their particular role.

Acclaimed biologist Susanne Foitzik has travelled the globe to study these master architects of Earth. Joined by journalist Olaf Fritsche, Foitzik invites readers deep into her world and will inspire new respect for ants as a global superpower.

Fascinating and action-packed, Empire of Ants will open your eyes to the secret societies thriving right beneath your feet.


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