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Greg McKeown


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Effortless is a practical guide to getting the most important tasks done without giving up or burning out. Modern life has become a dichotomy between things that are 'hard and important,' and those that are 'easy and trivial. But there is an alternative, effortless and vital tasks. Greg McKewon offers practical strategies for making the most vital tasks the easiest ones. Researched and practiced over the better part of a decade, these strategies include:

  • Asking 'What Step Can I Remove?' (accomplish more, in fewer steps)
  • Having the Courage to Be Rubbish (prioritize progress over perfection)
  • Deciding What 'Done' Looks Like (don't keep running after you pass the finish line)

McKeown's philosophy of essentialism eliminated nonessential activities and helped people to focus on the few that really matter. Idenitifying what is essential is the first step - making these tasks effortless is the next. Effortless will show you how.


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