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Thanh Truong

Don't Buy Fruit & Veg Without Me!

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Meet Thanh Truong, aka 'The Fruit Nerd', Australia's top fruiterer with a mission to revolutionise how we see and enjoy fresh produce! Thanh's passion and wealth of knowledge make him the perfect teacher, as he shares life-changing tips and delicious recipes to help enhance your eating experiences.

Need help picking the perfect avocado? Follow Thanh's foolproof method for choosing well every time. Want to know how to select and tackle a satisfying pomegranate? Thanh has a tip that even most chefs don't know!

Featuring 50 recipes inspired by Thanh's family, travels and food-loving friends, such Matt Preston and Nat Paull from Beatrix Bakes, this book will help you choose and prepare the perfect ingredients to take your tastebuds on an unforgettable journey.

Thanh Truong, aka The Fruit Nerd, is a passionate expert in all things fruit and veg. With experience as a national fruit buyer and qualified in Food Systems and Gastronomy, Thanh travels the world sourcing the freshest, most exotic produce for Australian consumers.

Whether he's working at the market, making TV appearances or sharing his expertise for ABC Everyday, Thanh's mission is to delight and educate others about the power of fresh produce, with his mantra 'Good food starts with good produce.'


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