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Fiona Murden

Defining You

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As a psychologist, Fiona Murden helps smart people to improve their performance. Through a series of insightful questions, she will seek out their strengths, limitations and motivations to decode what it is that really drives them and what environments they will thrive in. All while putting them at ease, so she can create their truest personality profile.

By mapping out this process of self-reflection in this award winning book, she has enabled all of us to explore our own stories and to live life with confidence in who we are and in knowing what works best for us. Since its first publication, Defining You has been awarded both the Self Development Book of the Year and the Axiom Business Book Award.

Using this series of expert tools, let Fiona help you to get to know yourself better, understand what really makes you tick, and reach your full potential in life and work.

With chapters on The Story of You, Describing You, Developing You, Confidently You and Optimising You, this fully revised and updated second edition also includes:

  • A look at your emotional resilience - coping with challenges and setbacks is a key factor in managing our daily lives and governing our decisions.
  • A more in-depth exploration of mental health and how it affects focus and high performance.
  • A fully revised chapter on sleep and stress relief.
  • An introduction of the 3 S's concept - Sleep, Self Awareness and Social Support.


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