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Rachel Siegfried

Cut Flower Sourcebook

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Growing flowers for cutting brings the pleasures of the season indoors and cuts out the air miles associated with many shop-bought blooms. This book turns the spotlight on the best perennials and woody plants which return year after year with little effort or waste, offer valuable habitats to garden wildlife and bring a natural quality to arrangements.

Rachel Siegfried, owner of Green & Gorgeous flower farm, began her career as an estate gardener and in this book she shares her selection of 128 rigorously trialled plants and her garden-led philosophy that together bring such exceptional results.

Cut flower classics such as peonies and dahlias rub shoulders with daisies, climbers, grasses and fruit blossom. Her exquisite arrangements capture the essence each plant making the most of characterful stem twists and branching tendrils – testament to years of expert botanical observation and hands in the soil.

Beautiful photographs, many by Eva Nemeth, capture the seasonal diversity and natural ease that are such a hallmark of this thoroughly contemporary approach to cut flowers. Whether your goal is to have something to pick from your garden each week of the year or start a cut flower business, the inspiration to get started and expert advice you need is here.


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