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Book Review - Clear Stamp Set

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Here's a set for the books you have devoured, the ones you're in the middle of, and those you cannot stop thinking about. Use these stamps to document the great reads, the book club picks and all the other ways you like to record your favourite tomes.

Use this set for scrapbooking, planners, Traveler's Journals and bullet journals! This stamp set and includes 16 individual stamps.

Packaged in a sturdy vinyl storage sleeve with an instructional backing card.

Made in the USA.

Helpful tips for your new stamp set!

  • Getting started: we recommend ordering the clear acrylic block with your first set of stamps. Peel off the stamps from the backing card and attach to the acrylic block for easy stamping! 

  • Prime your stamps before using: New stamps are often smooth and need to be "primed" for better ink absorption. All you need to do is scruff up the impression side surface a bit using your palm, or an eraser.

  • Cleaning your stamps - Wipe your stamps down with a wet wipe after use. You can also stamp out the ink on a piece of scrap paper.

  • Are your stamps losing their stickiness? Don't worry: a quick wash with soap and water should do the trick! Once dry, stick them back to the plastic backing.

  • Discoloured stamps? No problem! Sometimes stamps get discolored after use, depending on ink type or sun exposure. Don't worry, this doesn't affect the impression quality at all!

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