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Meg Freita

Book for People Who Love Dogs

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Dog lovers rejoice! This Is a Book for People Who Love Dogs is a canine celebration featuring illustrated breed profiles, a history of how dogs evolved, and an exploration of the joys of sharing your life with a dog.

For dog lovers new and old, this gorgeous guide takes readers on a walk through the wonders of our four-legged friends. Author Meg Freitag shares all about the lives of dogs, from deciphering dog behavior and tracing the long history of companionship between humans and dogs.

Dog breeds-including collies, corgies, and golden retrievers-are profiled with spirited illustrations that'll leave you aching to bring another dog home. Thoroughly researched and presented in a warm, charming style, This Is a Book for People Who Love Dogs is a must-have for everyone who cherishes their furry friends.


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