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Erin Stern

Bodybuilder's Meal Prep Cookbook

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Proper nutrition is critical for building muscle, leaning down, and achieving that optimum look that every bodybuilder wants to achieve. But every bodybuilder knows how difficult it can be to manage their macros, eat the right way to reach their training goals, and also not get bored with what they're eating every day.

The Bodybuilder's Kitchen Meal Prep Cookbook makes it all so much simpler, with over 50 delicious recipes, 8 detailed meal plans, and loads of meal prep tips and tricks that will help you eat right, achieve your training goals faster, and actually enjoy what you're eating each day.

Renowned bodybuilding champion and trainer Erin Stern will guide you through every step of the process so you can make meals ahead, eat food that actually tastes good, and eliminate the daily grind of eating the same boring foods every day. With 64 delicious recipes and 8 weekly meal prep plans, this is the cookbook every bodybuilder needs!


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