Jonathan Drori

Around the World in 80 Plants

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An inspirational and beautifully illustrated book that tells the stories of 80 plants from around the globe.

In his follow-up to Around the World in 80 Trees, Jonathan Drori takes on a trip across the globe, breathing life into the science of plants by revealing how their worlds are intricately enveloped with our own history and culture. From the seemingly familiar tomato and dandelion to the eerie mandrake and Spanish ‘moss’ of Louisiana, encompassing the early histories of beer and the contraceptive pill each of these stories is full of surprises.

Some have a troubling past, while others have ignited human creativity or enabled whole civilizations to flourish. Drori writes with curiosity, passion and wry humour. With a colourful cast of characters all brought to life by illustrator Lucille Clerc, this is a botanical journey of beauty and brilliance.


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