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Birgit E. Rhode, Trevor James , Ian Popay, Paul D. Champion, Nik Grbavac

Illustrated Guide to Weed Seeds of New Zealand

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An Illustrated Guide to Weeds Seeds of New Zealand provides access to expert seed identification in a full colour, easy-to-follow format. The ability to identify weeds at all stages of a plant's development is key to effective management practices and this guide will be an invaluable tool for a wide audience, including anyone working in agricultural or horticultural production, ecological research or plant pest management, and for anyone with a general interest in plants.

The book is an aid to the identification of the propagules of common naturalised and native plants of NZ, and of weeds of other countries that aren't present in NZ but are often intercepted in consignments imported from overseas. It is not strictly about 'seeds' in their bare form, rather the form in which they are most likely to be found or seen; for this reason it includes photographs of 'seeds' with and without appendages such as spiny protrusions, wings or bracts. The helpful introduction includes an identification aid and glossary. There are 116 pages of colour photographs, with 696 images illustrating 623 different species.

A brief description and distribution information are given for each seed.

Softcover, spiral bound.

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