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Nicholas Morgan

A Long Stride

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The remarkable history of how Johnnie Walker became the world's number one Scotch, a perfect gift for whisky fans.

The history of Johnnie Walker is the history of Scotch whisky. But who was John Walker? The man who started the story in 1820, and how did his business grow from the shelves of a small grocery shop in Kilmarnock to become the world's No. 1 Scotch?

A Long Stride tells the story of how John Walker and a succession of ingenious and progressive business leaders embraced their Scottish roots to walk confidently on an international stage. By doing things their way, Johnnie Walker overturned the conventions of Victorian and Edwardian Britain. Johnnie Walker not ony survived two world wars it flourished despite Prohibition and the Great Depression to become the first truly global whisky brand. Along the way they revolutionised the world of advertising. Ultimately the story is a testament to how an obsession with quality and a relentless drive to always move forward created the most recognised and acclaimed whisky brand in the world.


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