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Anna Minguet

A-Frame : New Concept

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A-Frame constructions emerged in the mid-20th century and have been forgotten for decades.

In recent years we are seeing how the spirit of A-Frame style houses is gradually being revived by avant-garde architects who have adapted this approach to more modern times. It is not uncommon nowadays to find examples of modern houses with A-Frame architecture as a hallmark in leading design magazines. 

This type of construction stands out for its structural simplicity, which in most cases reduces costs, and for its great capacity for thermal and acoustic insulation, greater speed of construction, elimination of the need for columns, greater strength and structural consistency, among many other benefits. A-Frame homes have a better environmental impact due to energy savings in both construction and utility costs, not to mention a smaller carbon footprint for the environment. This book includes: A-Frame renovations, a mountaineer's refuge, a lake house, house at the Pyrenees and so much more!

Perfect for architectural enthusiasts, those looking to improve their sustainability and anyone looking to renovate their property! 


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